Hetzner Seedbox

Our Hetzner seedboxes are provided by our sister site walkerservers.com. All seedboxes are delivered with Swizzin Media template which gives you a preinstalled seedbox with the option to install more applications. For instance Plex, Emby, Jellyfin.


Hetzner Seedbox

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* Minimum specifications, this means it can be better. But never worse than specified here.

Our Features

All Dedicated Hetzner Plans Include

Public's Not Allowed

Public torrent seeding is not allowed on the Hetzner network.

Root Access

All our dedicated machines come with root access.

Quality Networks

We only use the highest quality networks.


All seedboxes are pre-tuned for optimal performance.

Different Apps

You can install all the supported Swizzin applications.

Setup within 48 Hours

Orders in stock will be delivered within 48 hours.